May 26th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

HurtComfortEx fics!

Authors are revealed on fics for H/C Exchange! And here's what I wrote.

Iron Fist/Defenders/Punisher universe

Head for Heights (Iron Fist, 4900 wds, Ward & Danny gen)
Ward gets altitude sickness and tries, unsuccessfully, to hide it. That's it, that's the fic.

Tempting Fate (Defenders, 9500 wds, Matt & Danny gen + bonus Karen & Frank)
Matt and Danny go looking for a missing Karen in Vermont, but pretty soon they're neck-deep in trouble of their own.

Out of the Wastelands (Punisher, 12K, Frank + the Liebermans)
Apocalypse survivor Frank stumbles (literally) in the Lieberman homestead. Marked complete for now, but I have vague plans of writing more of this eventually, because there's a whole novel's worth of AU in the setup.


Behind Enemy Lines (Heavy Time/Hellburner, 6900 wds, Ben + Dekker with a little ensemble)
Ben and Dek are separated from the others, injured and under fire on a Union-controlled space station during the war.

Stranger Things

Better Than Aspic (2500 wds, Joyce + Karen gen)
A last-minute treat because the recip had an absolutely lovely prompt about Karen teaching Joyce to cook some horrendous period-appropriate recipe. I reached a bit further back in time than the 80s for most of the recipes in the fic, but I figured it's not unreasonable that they'd still be kicking around in the show's time period.

So yeah, I had a fantastic time with this exchange as both a giver and a receiver! BEST EXCHANGE OR BEST EXCHANGE. I hope it happens again next year. ♥

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