May 21st, 2019

Winter Sunlight

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Here's something kinda cool: Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now", in a new 2019 remake by the original artist.

Compare to the original 1987 video:

ETA: Holy shit, she was only 15/16 when the original song/album were recorded in 1987. I had no idea. This makes me even happier that she didn't end up like a lot of kid stars do; she seems to be happy and making music right up to the present day.

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Winter Sunlight

More Taltos: Iorich, Vallista, Hawk

I skipped a couple of books - I haven't yet read Jhegaala or Tiassa, but I also got the general impression that I could skip both of those without it affecting my enjoyment of the overall series much (a side benefit to a series that jumps around in the timeline as much as this one does). I also read Vallista before Hawk, because of library shenanigans, and I actually kinda think they worked better that way.

But yeah, I am all caught up now (except for an odd skipped book here and there)! And I feel like it was a good note to finish on -- there's a weak spot in the middle of the series, I think, but the last couple of books are great.

Iorich: Collapse )

Vallista: Collapse )

Hawk: Collapse )

And now, a Very Important Poll! We're down to only 3 animals remaining in the Cycle. Which House is the next book going to focus on? (Includes the info on what each animal represents from the Cycle list at the beginning of the last few books, since that tends to be important to each book's theme.)

p.s. I love getting to actually see the House animals in the latest version of the Cycle list. The dog with the unicorn horn! The webspinning fox! (Up to that point, I assumed chreotha were spiders.)

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