May 20th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Hurt/Comfort Exchange

Hurt/Comfort Exchange reveals were today, and I am so delighted with my gifts; they are the BEST. ♥ I've spent most of the day happily wallowing in them, and I will be rereading every one of these a bunch.

The Mind is a Monkey (Iron Fist, 3400 wds, Danny & Ward gen)
“Okay,” Ward said. “Great. You have a telepathic fever.”

Danny develops sudden onset telepathy, because of course he does; Ward panics. A delicious many-layered hurt/comfort angstcake, beautifully characterized. ♥

Something we can rely on (Defenders, 5K, team gen)
How did you stop an enemy who knew everything about you: both your weaknesses and how to cancel out your strengths? With great difficulty, it turned out.

TEAMMMM! Danny and Matt are captured by an enemy who knows how to block their powers (in a particularly awful way for Danny); their friends go searching. All my team feels, right here. *love*

Hijacked (Alliance-Union/Hellburner, 13K, Ben & Dekker + ensemble)
They all knew something was up at this lonely nullpoint, but no one on Norway expected to find a Mazianni base.

Plotty post-canon LONG!!! novelette with loads of competence porn and h/c and prickly friendship! SO GOOD.

And there's still the rest of the archive to go through!

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