May 17th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Dramatic skies

pink-edged clouds

Pink-edged clouds in the sky to the north at midnight-thirty.

We had a really gorgeous 360-degree sunset tonight - it's a thing that can happen in the summer, when the sun sets in the north but due to its low angle, you get pink light on the clouds all the way around the sky. (Well, okay, not so much to the south, but all around the rest of the sky.) Here was the view to the east, not a place you normally expect to see a sunset:

pink sunset skies

The sun will rise again in about 3.5 hours.

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Winter Sunlight

Having is not the same as wanting (or: overthinking TV shows again)

Back at the end of April I rewatched the first season of Iron Fist with [personal profile] rachelmanija, [personal profile] iknowcommawrite, and also inflicted introduced [personal profile] magistrate to it -- in Magi's case, I'm not entirely sure if they're happy about that or not, but they reciprocated by introducing me to Detroit: Become Human, which I now have feelings about and have watched most of a complete playthrough despite never having played the game, so it all balances out ...

ANYWAY. It was fun, and there were parts of the first season that I hadn’t actually seen before (because I was skipping scenes in early season 1, and while I tend to go back and rewatch favorite scenes a lot, there were still some episodes I’d never actually watched in full). I really enjoyed watching the whole season while also knowing where it was going, and discussing it with [personal profile] rachelmanija and [personal profile] iknowcommawrite, we had a sort of epiphany about Danny. I don’t know whether any of this was intended or not, but it certainly fits with what we’ve seen in the show: the skills that it takes to win the Iron Fist are not the same skills that it takes to use or keep it. And Danny’s skill set is geared heavily towards the former and not the latter.

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