May 12th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

The great tag overhaul

I'm currently in the process of a much-needed tag overhaul for my journal. As you might expect, in a journal I've had since 2006 (and in which I only haphazardly used to tag things, especially in the early days) my tags are a mess. The fanfic ones, at least, are fairly well-organized and consistent, but I had a bunch of tags that were vague or weirdly worded or duplicates (e.g. both a "vids" and a "songvids" tag, which are now merged under "fanvids"; tags for "my books", "books by me", "fiction by me", "pro fiction by me", etc). I had a lot of tags that really needed top-level tags, so now, for example, my tags for separate book series and authors are sorted under a top-level books tag (e.g. "books:dresden files" instead of being tagged random variations like "dresden_files" and whatnot). The book posts could still use another pass for better and more consistent sorting, because they're mostly just tagged under the top-level "books" tag and/or a variety of inconsistently-worded series and author tags, but I don't have to do that right now.

I've known that I needed to do this for awhile, but the main reason why I've dragged my feet for so long was because of the dreadful thought of organizing 400+ tags on both my DW and LJ to match. I've settled that in favor of just not redoing the tags on the LJ side. Yes, it means they will now be out of sync, and a number of tags on LJ will now have EVEN MORE duplicates due to future crossposts, making it harder to find things.

But aside from not really wanting to hassle with it, I feel like the main function of the LJ journal is as an archive at this point anyway. And some of my old tags are interesting snapshots in time, of my thought processes or of changing terminology, like the way I used to tag with "ficathon" what we now call fandom exchanges. So keeping all the old tags feels more appropriate. Anyway, I don't think I could ever remember all the changes and merges to make them sync up completely even if I tried.

(I am going to have to remember not to import tags if I ever run another import from LJ -- something I haven't done in a number of years, and probably won't, but that'd screw my DW tags all to hell. So I'm basically making a note of that here to remind myself not to.)

So yeah, behold my new and better-organized tag page! At least, organized to the extent that it is. A number of the more random and rarely-used tags are never going to get top-level categories, and I'm still figuring out how to categorize some things - I think the one I'm most torn about right now is the variety of tags I used to use for short fic - "commentfic", "promptfic", "prompts", "vignette", etc. Right now I've got it as "fanfic:promptfic" and "challenge:prompts" (also "fanfic:shortfic" for the extremely outdated "vignette" tag that I don't think I've used since 2008). But I think some of my new tags will also need to be edited and perhaps reconsidered as I put them into practice and find out whether they're easy to use and intuitive enough for me to remember them.

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Winter Sunlight

Dear MCU Exchange creator

[community profile] mcu_exchange for info - signups close May 13!

I have requested both art and fic, and would be happy with either. I think most of my prompts will work for both. If in doubt or running short on time, a nice portrait of my requested character(s) or a character/relationship study of the characters doing pretty much any everyday activity together will always make me happy! (Character bonding or hurt/comfort are two things I'm into in just about any situation. I enjoy everything from cotton-candy fluff to heavy angst as long as a happy ending is implied.)

Using Endgame canon for me - I'm mostly good either way (no spoilers)Collapse )

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Characters and relationships:

Ward MeachumCollapse )

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Agent Carter relationshipsCollapse )

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