April 20th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Fandom things

1. The Spring Equinox Vidding Exchange archive is now open. Their theme: "Sources from the 90s." (I had other things I was going to do with my afternoon than watch vids, but you know how it goes ...)

2. The Space Swap archive is also open for reading! I have a fic in there, because I picked up a pinch hit for it awhile back.

3. Signups for Not Prime Time, a midsized-fandom exchange, are open. I am probably going to sign up for it, but haven't gotten there quite yet. All the Netflix Marvel shows, Agent Carter, Stranger Things, Umbrella Academy, and Schitt's Creek are all eligible and have tags in the tagset, just to name a few.

4. I have not yet stopped being completely gone for Iron Fist, as my latest fanfic offerings no doubt reveal.

Me in chat to [personal profile] sheron earlier: "I SWEAR the next thing I write in this fandom is a) going to have a plot other than "random goons kidnap people for h/c purposes", and b) is going to involve characters other than Danny and Ward."

... You wouldn't think getting tired of h/c would be a thing for me, but I'm really starting to get the urge to write something with an actual plot that's not just 5K of feels. That being said, I think the last fandom that made me go this head-over-heels for just writing endless words of h/c and feels was White Collar. I'm also slightly amazed that in just 6 months, or so, this fandom has jumped up to #3 on my AO3 stats page for most fics written. (Though technically it should be #4, because I haven't ever gotten most of my SGA fic onto AO3 and there is A LOT OF IT.)

Since I linked someone to this on AO3 today - for anyone who wants to be dragged kicking and screaming into this fandom join me in my current shiny place, allow me to refer you back to my so you wanna watch Iron Fist? post from last year, a.k.a. a guide to getting past the first few episodes for people who bounce off them. (I understand that not everybody likes or is going to like this show. I don't expect you to. But you know, just in case you were interested ...!)

Incidentally ... over the last year or two, I've mostly stopped crossposting fic or even fic notifications here, unless it's for an exchange, and just putting it on AO3 with notifications posted at [tumblr.com profile] sholiofic. I am writing a lot more fic than you'd know from reading my journal. I think I kinda just got out of the habit during a time when I wasn't writing a whole lot, but I've been fairly prolific lately. Lately it's been largely focused on Iron Fist and/or the Marvel Defenders shows, with some Agent Carter, Stranger Things, and various other stuff I'm into. Should I start posting those here again? Actually, because everyone loves clicking little boxes ... let's do a poll.

There are no right or wrong answers here, and I'm not going to feel bound by the poll results. I'm just curious if there is still interest in reading fic here or not.

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Winter Sunlight

On the Magicians season finale

So, the show that I vagueblogged a couple of weeks ago about following via reviews/reactions when I haven't actually watched the show is The Magicians. The season finale aired this week, and basically blew up the fandom a la that Tumblr gif of Troy on Community going for pizza and coming back to find everyone running around screaming and the room on fire. I now have way more thoughts and opinions than I ought to, considering that I've never seen even an episode of this show.

It's also led me to a lot of thinky thoughts about storytelling and how we engage with fictional characters, so I'm going to natter about that under the cut. Loads of spoilers for the current season of The Magicians. Warning for (not personal) discussion of suicide. Also, this post is LONG.

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