April 5th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Iron Fist exchange and general fandom stuff

There's a small Iron Fist exchange running this week, and I could not be more thoroughly delighted with my gift, the color purple, a teamy genfic about board games and banter and friendship that is EXACTLY what I was hoping for from my prompt about characters hanging out and doing friendship-type things. ♥

Another thing from the exchange I really loved was this Luke/Danny high school AU fanart (includes the supporting cast from both shows and Defenders), which is ADORABLE and full of delightful details. I love how readily recognizable all the characters are and how their personalities/styles are translated to their high school selves. I also look forward to finding time to read as long as we're together (does it matter where we go?), a long between-seasons Danny/Colleen fic that looks really good.

I wrote Sunflower, a Defenders fic for my recip's prompt about Danny collapsing after healing someone and needing to be looked after. Like most of my Defenders fic, it includes a lot of grouchy-concerned Jessica because she's far too much fun to write.


Signups are running 'til April 13 for Marvel Femslash Exchange. I am still in dither mode on signing up for this; in the interests of not completely overloading myself, I was thinking I'd leave it up to how far along I'd made it by that point on my other exchange assignments, and, uh. I still have a LOT of unfinished (*cough* unstarted) assignments. Still, I'll see how things are progressing before signups close.

Not Prime Time (medium sized fandoms exchange) is taking tag nominations 'til the 15th: Tagset | Nominations instructions | Eligibility instructions. Most of my current/recent active fandoms are eligible (Agent Carter, Iron Fist, Punisher, Defenders, Stranger Things, White Collar, Umbrella Academy, etc). I'm optimistically hoping that by the time signups open for this one, I will have made more progress on the other stuff I'm currently signed up for, because I would like to get in on this one!

It's particularly interesting seeing NPT come around, because back in the day, I used to be really excited about this one - it was the only non-Yuletide multifandom exchange that I knew about, and often the only chance at ALL to get an exchange fic for non-Yuletide-eligible fandoms that weren't big enough to have their own exchanges. There are just so many more exchanges now, it's interesting to look back on how excited I used to get about NPT when it was the only one of its type.

ETA: Oh, and Gen Prompt Bingo is running again! Because I totally need another source of prompts. AAAAAAAA someone stop me.

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