March 24th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Here's a fun time-waster

On io9: March Madness bracket showdowns to determine your favorite science fiction movie of the last ten years.

This was so much fun and SO HARD. I ended up with my final brackets being Black Panther vs. Wonder Woman and Inception vs. The Martian, and I just sort of ground to a halt there because HOW DO I CHOOSE. (They're not even my top faves out of the entire field necessarily -- Inception, for example, I've only seen once, ages ago, though I remember it was really trippy and fun -- but some movies that might've won against these washed out earlier because of how the brackets were set up.) I think BP edges out WW in my personal bracketing, but Inception vs. The Martian is a total toss-up because they're just such utterly different movies, and then putting either of them up against a superhero movie it's like ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

... so yeah, it's fun! Go play! I ended up doing my brackets on a sheet of paper alongside the computer to best keep track. I also haven't seen a number of these, so anything I hadn't seen washed out against anything I had seen, unless I'd absolutely hated it.

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