March 20th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Random fandom

SSR Confidential (the Agent Carter exchange I run) is open for signups from now 'til March 30th. This is year 4! Where does the time go.

[community profile] springfest is having a promptfest and is now open for prompts! (They have a unique prompting format, so first read the instructions here.) Let's get some MCU/Agent Carter/Defenders/Stranger Things prompts in there. :D

Marvel Femslash Exchange is currently taking signups. (I'm on the fence about whether I'll sign up - I think it depends on how overloaded I'm feeling with various projects/assignments when signups open - but I wanted to make sure the pairings I wanted were in there, just in case!)

And finally, a conversation on the Iron Fist discord about the Rand-Meachum kids led to me writing a fic about tiny children behaving badly.

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