March 4th, 2019

Winter Sunlight


I thought I was done with my H/C Exchange signup, but then I noticed that someone (not me, this time) nominated some Alliance-Union characters, including a highly relevant-to-my-interests combo, so OOPS, now that's in there, as well as having added a couple more tags (e.g. Altitude Sickness) to the Iron Fist request. I expect this is probably going to keep happening 'til signups close.

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Winter Sunlight

Not a Newbery book, but it might as well be

(In reference to the frequent depressingness of Newbery books for kids.)

This book was one of my many used-bookstore acquisitions from Tucson, which I read on the plane coming home. I would like to preface this by saying that I really did enjoy the book and it was an entertaining airplane read. However, it really was not what I was expecting, to an almost hilarious degree.

Let me begin by showing you the front cover and back cover copy, which was all I knew about it going in.

Sounds cute and fun! Kids heartwarmingly make friends with an elderly hermit and rescue whales!

While technically these things do appear in the book, the back cover leaves out a few things. Like, say, 90% of the book.

Spoiler-ish poll under the cut.

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It actually is not a particularly depressing book, all the above aside; it is, on the whole, a fairly optimistic book. It's just not the book I was expecting.

ETA: Extensive book spoilers in comments, btw.

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