February 26th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Umbrella Academy (the no-spoilers post)

[personal profile] rachelmanija and I marathoned Umbrella Academy on Netflix over the last couple of days, and we absolutely loved it. It's probably one of the most utterly bonkers shows I've ever seen, but it also brings the found-family feels hard. If you want to watch it (and if you like watching unspoiled), it's probably best to watch knowing as little about it as possible. I went in knowing absolutely nothing and I feel like I got the best viewing experience that way. It's a 10-episode made-for-Netflix show that has one season so far.

If you would like a little more to go on than just "watch it, it's great!" I have a brief intro + enticements under the first cut - contains minimal spoilers; most of this you'd get from the first 10 minutes of the show - and a few more-spoilery content warnings under the second. I should mention that this show contains some disturbing stuff, but none of the disturbing stuff involves sex, that I can recall (i.e. no rape/sexual abuse).

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Winter Sunlight

Umbrella Academy (the spoilers post)

And here is the spoilery discussion post for Umbrella Academy, for those of you who have seen it or don't mind spoilers!

I'm flying out of LA today and don't really have that much time to write up my reactions, so I'm going to throw out a few random spoiler things under the cut; feel free to talk at me in the comments.

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