February 18th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Chocolate Box recs

Some things I have enjoyed from the Chocolate Box collection:


One Thing Leads To Another (Stranger Things, 6700 wds, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Excellent OT3 get-together fic with a nice solid monster-hunting plot and great h/c.

5 Letters didn't address to Jonathan Byers (+ 1 Steve did sign) (Stranger Things, 1600 wds, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan)
Really lovely little epistolary fic with a great Steve voice. Another cool thing is that, in 20+ years of reading fanfic, this is the first one I can remember in which the summary is actually a necessary part of the fic.

What Remains (Gattaca, 1000 wds, gen, Irene & Jerome)
I am always here for Gattaca fixits and this is great. I love the sardonic Jerome voice.

Dear Dad... I'm Seeing Green, He's Seeing Red (MASH, 2800 wds, gen)
St. Patrick's Day at the 4077th. This is great; it reads just like an episode.

Couples (Person of Interest, 660 wds, Reese/Shaw)
This isn't a fandom I read much and it's REALLY not a pairing I would normally read, but I clicked on it because of the intriguing "Platonic Sex" tag to find out what that was all about, and I really liked it. Excellent use of the undercover-as-a-couple trope!

Sisters (Shadows of the Apt, 700 wds, Che & Tynisa)
Sweet pre-series fic with a great sense of canon worldbuilding and sisterhood.

June in Paris (White Collar, 3700 wds, Neal & June)
Post-canon, Neal runs into June in Paris. This is really lovely.

Shoe Size (White Collar, 500 wds, Peter & Neal)
Adorable season-one-era friendship fic; this could totally be a missing scene for canon.

sky blues (One Piece, 2300 wds, Luffy & Vivi)
Sense8 AU for One Piece, with Luffy & Vivi as children. This is unbearably cute. <3


Waiting for Rescue (DS9, Jadzia/Kira)
This is really pretty and also h/c-riffic.

it's all been done (Good Omens, Crowley/Aziraphale)
I can't believe the amount of detail in this. It's gorgeous.

A Lesson in the Folly Library (Rivers of London, Abigail & Varvara)
I love how this suggests a larger story and is full of interesting details.


Humans of New York Series - Spider-Man (MCU, gen, Spider-Man)
I wasn't sure whether to put this under fic or art because it's essentially both. The author absolutely nailed the HONY style, and it's full of little in-jokes I don't want to spoil because they're so hilarious and cute. (If you're an SGA fan, check out some of the names on the posts ...)

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