February 10th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Trope meme: no-romance version

[personal profile] trobadora found a no-romance/all-gen version of the other trope sorting meme (I did the "short" version; didn't try the long one), which is even more fun -- and more accurate for me than the other one, though you'll notice a handful of suspicious similarities ...

All of the top 10 are ride-or-die narrative kinks for me (mostly in no particular order, though Found Family probably DOES belong at the top):

1 Found Family
2 Antagonist Turned Weird Uncle/Antihero/Reluctant Part of the Hero Group
2 Childhood Friends Reunited
4 Casefic
4 Sleepovers/Stuck In A Tent Together/Bed Sharing
4 Bonding Through Adversity
7 The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend
7 Platonic Cuddling/Hand-Holding/Skinship
9 Mentor Fic
9 Antagonist Saves Hero ('nobody is allowed to kill you but me'/'I still need you around for my grand plan')

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So yeah, this one's more accurate than the other one, I'd say! And breaks down quite well into sections that consist of "things that you could use for bait in a [personal profile] sholio trap / things that will entice me in a summary if everything else looks good / things that are NOPE".

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Winter Sunlight

Predictable? Me?

After making the previous gen tropes post, it occurs to me that, not in all cases, but in a lot of them, you can probably accurately identify things I'm going to fall for by the number of those top-10 tropes they have ...

Agent Carter: 8
GotG: 9
Iron Fist: 9
Stranger Things: 8
Heavy Time/Hellburner: 8

(Taking a generous definition of some of these tropes in some cases ...)

... Though I tried to do Dark Matter and my brain broke at how to apply any of these, between the amnesia stuff and the fact that they're basically ALL antagonists in various ways, at least until the found-family stuff starts to kick in. It also works better on longer works than shorter ones, because shoehorning all of these into, say, a single 2-hour movie is tough.

But yeah. I also frequently find myself gravitating towards new things to watch/read based on various combinations of these things, so it's not like it's a tremendous coincidence that I keep finding them. I guess it's good to know what you like ...?

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