February 1st, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Heads up re: Gofundme

So here's something you should know if you use Gofundme: they can charge a credit card, then decide ~for reasons~ to refund the card and take the money away weeks later. Which I now know because when I went to check my end-of-month credit card statement, it looked ... not as expected ... and trying to track down what was wrong, I eventually figured out that all the charges I'd placed on various fundraisers on Gofundme this month had been reversed at the end of the month and re-credited to me for NO REASON.

I contacted Gofundme about it, and the answer I got was that this usually happens when they're unable to verify that a transaction is not fraudulent, and I need to send them a scan of my ID and a link to a realname social media account such as Facebook to prove that I'm me.

First of all, what the actual hell. Especially since I've been donating to them just fine for years.

Second, wow, way to fuck over the people I donated to! Even if I get them to start accepting donations from me again, this doesn't automatically restore the donations I made; I'd have to go back and find those fundraisers and donate again.

So basically, yeah, that sure is a thing that happened, and something you should be aware of if you use Gofundme on either the donation or the fundraiser end. Just because the card has been processed and the donation credited to the fundraiser total doesn't mean the money is guaranteed, even if (as in my case), there is absolutely nothing hinky and no reason why it shouldn't go through.

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Winter Sunlight

Fandom things that are making me happy (a list of squee)

1. [personal profile] sheron wrote me a late Fandom Stocking fic and it is WARD AND A CORGI PUPPY and I'm dead from adorable. ♥

2. This Agent Carter thread by [personal profile] booksarelife at the Three Sentence Ficathon, which is delightfully and gloriously Team SSR. (Peggy would totally do this just to prove to Jack that she's right and he's wrong.)

3. An ongoing discussion about Iron Fist with [personal profile] sovay (spoilers through the end of season 2) that's a lovely opportunity to revisit all the happiness the show gave me the first time around.

4. Two Iron Fist gifsets I made recently on Tumblr: Ward big-brothering Danny and Colleen and Ward.

5. [community profile] hc_bingo is doing their 4-square "postage stamp" cards for February (request one here!) and I got a very inspiring one.

6. I'm currently taking prompts on Tumblr for Iron Fist, Agent Carter, or Stranger Things if anyone wants to put one in my askbox! (Anon is turned on, if you don't have a tumblr account.)

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