January 26th, 2019

Winter Sunlight


Festivids 2018/2019 is live with 79 vids in a bunch of rarely-vidded fandoms - and I am completely over the moon about my gift!

Say Amen (Saturday Night) (Iron Fist, Ward character study)
IT'S SO GOOOOOD. Great song choice, great editing, and while I am sure I would've been delighted with anything I asked for, if I could've said "out of all my requests, this is the one I want most", that WOULD be the one I wanted most, so I am just ♥ ♥ ♥.

*showers it with hearts*

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Winter Sunlight

Festivids recs

I don't know if this is a particularly good Festivids year or if I'm just in a particularly vid-watching mood, but I ended up wanting to rec most of the ones that I opened in tabs in my first exploration of the archive, even the ones for shows/movies I've never seen (of which there are several below). I am looking forward to getting a chance to download a number of these when the anon period is over! In addition to my wonderful gift, I also loved:

Don't Stop Me Now - Blues Brothers
Is this not the perfect song for this movie?? So much fun!

smile (the worst is yet to come) - Dead Like Me
This is just SO pretty and so gorgeously edited, a perfect match for the show's hopeful/bittersweet tone.

All Star - The Good Place
If there is a more perfect Jason song, I can't think what it is.

May the Living be Dead (In Our Wake) - The Princess Bride
Vidding Princess Bride to Flogging Molly = pure brilliance, the perfect match for the movie's medieval-yet-irreverent tone.

Old Time Rock and Roll - That Thing You Do
I have no clue what this movie even is, but this vid is delightful anyway.

Woo Hoo! - Archer
I can't believe this vidder gave me this much enjoyment from a vid about a show I haven't seen set to a song with no lyrics except "Woo hoo!" The editing on this one is incredible.

Elevation - The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
The show looks total crazypants and the vid is delightful!

am I only dreaming? - Glow
Gorgeous F/F vid to another show I don't know, but it looks so sweet and pretty!

Doodle Song - George of the Jungle
Silly and wonderful and fun.

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