January 20th, 2019

Winter Sunlight

Fandom Stocking!

Fandom Stocking was so good to me this year! (My stocking is here.) I got a BUNCH of icons, so now I have a slew of Iron Fist ones (see post icon!) and I've already swapped out my [tumblr.com profile] sholiofic icon for one of the new Agent Carter ones that [personal profile] leesa_perrie made me.

And I got an embarrassment of riches for fic - seriously, I am SO LUCKY and you guys are SO great. ♥


Come Around by [personal profile] xparrot (Trollhunters, Barbara/Walt, 10K!!!)
Xparrot wrote me 10K of Trollhunters fic for my OTP and it is SO GOOOOOOD. (Canon) babies and slow relationship-building and cool alienness and Changeling angst!

One Shot Over the Line by [personal profile] chomiji (Hellburner, Ben/Dek + canon pairings, 1400 wds)
Not gonna lie, I ship it, and this is so sweet and prickly and funny, and so them; an absolute total delight.

First Aid by [personal profile] glorious_spoon (Stranger Things, Steve + Dustin, 1100 wds)
SO CUTE OMGGG. ♥ Steve is the best big brother.

you’re calling to me (i can’t hear what you’ve said) by [personal profile] maplemood (Punisher, Frank + Leo,
Lovely and heartbreaking in all the right ways, and perfectly in character.

We're heading for something by [archiveofourown.org profile] nanasekei (Stranger Things/Avengers, SteveH + Dustin + Tony + SteveR, 1700 wds)
Their lives continue to be The Actual Weirdest. ♥

Plus a sweet lil Punisher ficlet.

I'll be back in a minute with what I wrote/made!

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Winter Sunlight

Fandom Stocking - Fic I wrote

(Nothing for Agent Carter this year. I just wanted to use another new icon. ♥)

Iron Fist

Cat Fancy (gen, Ward + Joy, pre-canon, 1600 wds)
Joy smuggles a stray kitten into the Rand offices. Ward is Not Happy, but not for the reasons you might expect.

Shaking It Out (Misty/Colleen, mature, 2K wds)
Post-canon. Misty and Colleen undercover as a couple in a nightclub.


Helping Hands (Frank/Karen, 3900 wds)
A hurt/comforty sequel to Lifeline, my hurt/comforty Yuletide fic in which Frank is blinded by a flashbang.

Once a Year (Frank + the Liebermans, 2300 wds)
The Lieberman kids throw Frank a birthday party.

Misc short ficlets
Stranger Things - an AU bit of dragon!Steve (also posted on Tumblr)
MCU - Wanda and Bucky in Wakanda
Stargate SG1 - a Jack/Daniel AU twist on "Abyss"

And one more thing, a Trollhunters vid which I'll give its own post, but tomorrow because I need to sleeeeeep.

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Winter Sunlight

A random poll

I clicked on this article because of the mention of "nude" shopping - disappointingly, they are referring to vegetables, not people - but I went ahead and read it because it was interesting, and I got to this part:

A new refrigeration shelving system for displaying fresh fruit and vegetables was installed along with a process known as 'misting' to help keep items fresh.

... and I thought, wait, is that not a thing everywhere, those water sprayers to keep vegetables moist? Every grocery store I've shopped in since I was a kid had those ... I thought. Or is that only a thing we need here because it's so dry? It's the fact that the article's author felt a need to explain it that made me think these might not be so common as I had always assumed. I always assumed it was basically universal but now I'm curious.

Obviously this would not apply to places like farmer's markets where you have fresh produce in baskets and bins, just to grocery stores with a produce section.

Feel free to elaborate in comments.

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