January 1st, 2019

Winter Sunlight

What I wrote for Yuletide this year

Yuletide reveals! I can talk about what I wrote!

My actual assignment:

Lifeline (Punisher, 10K, Frank & David plus others)
A flashbang leaves Frank temporarily blind and deaf while attempting to rescue hostages, including David.

My expression when I opened my assignment email and saw that I'd gotten [personal profile] rachelmanija can basically be expressed as ":DDDDDDDDDD", especially since this was like 2 days after we'd just had a discussion about all the things she likes in Punisher fic. I used Die Hard as a starting point, because I mean ... Frank, and then made him blind and deaf, which was a fascinating challenge to write. I've always kinda wanted to do a fic in which the characters can communicate only through Morse code.

The one no one would ever in a million years guess was me:

The Hatchling Job (From Eroica With Love/Pern fusion, 1500 wds, Dorian/Klaus)
K'Laus stares at the empty sand and tells himself he's wrong. Dorian couldn't. He wouldn't. There was no way that even Dorian would be audacious enough, stupid enough, to steal a queen egg directly off the hatching grounds.

This was for a person who went out as an emergency last-minute pinch hit right before the archive opened. I didn't grab them as a pinch hit, but their letter said this was their first Yuletide and they sounded super excited about it, so I felt they should have a treat, and skimming their letter, my eyes caught on "Pern fusion." I've never tried to write Eroica or Pern, but I've read both, so I figured, why not?

The ones I am sure EVERYONE knew was me, aka a slew of Iron Fist fics:

I, um, ended up double-treating the Iron Fist people, because I just wanted to keep writing it and there weren't that many people requesting it, okay. Also, everyone wanted Ward! I mean. Twist my arm.

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The equally mysterious Defenders treats:

Okay, so, Danny wasn't officially in the tagset this year, which means if anyone wanted the whole team they had to request it specially. And some people DID specially request it, and that made me so delighted that I went through all the Defenders letters and decided that anyone who asked for Danny was getting a treat. (Plus, one person who asked for Defenders was someone I really wanted to treat anyway. Win!) Most of them also wanted Elektra, not a character I normally write as well as being inconveniently dead, so I worked my ass off finding ways to get Elektra into people's fic (unless they'd said they were okay with a subset of characters, but even then, I really wanted to if I could make it work). Now I want to write more of her. Win??

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Winter Sunlight

Dear Chocolate Box Author

FYI: [community profile] chocolateboxcomm signups are currently ongoing 'til Jan. 7!

Thank you for writing for me! I have pretty extensive lists of prompts in the hopes they'll inspire you, but if you have a different idea, go for it! I'm easy to please.

All of the Netflix Defenders shows are grouped together in the tagset as Netflix Marvel, but I've separated them out in the letter for ease of reading. My requests contain spoilers for the last aired seasons of the various shows.

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