November 9th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

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Hat tip to [personal profile] umadoshi for linking to [community profile] smallfandomfest, now taking prompt submissions and "fandom pimping" signups for their current round! I used to follow them on LJ back in the day; I didn't know they were on DW.

Pimping post signup | Prompt submission post/instructions | List of available prompts

.... brb, submitting Iron Fist and Defenders prompts at lightning speed. xD

(Prompt submissions are open 'til Nov. 21. "Small fandom" defined as less than 2000 fics on AO3.)

On the topic of small fandoms (microscopic in this case), Orion and I have been watching a show called Banshee lately, which is utterly BATSHIT. I don't even know what to say about this show, although I'm really loving it; it's a cops & cons show set in small-town Pennsylvania in the middle of Amish country. The protagonist is a thief/ex-con who cons his way into being the sheriff of a small town (basically he impersonates a dead guy, the new sheriff that no one in town has met), so then he's solving crimes with the group of cops/deputies while also running heists with his old crew.

And it's just a completely nutzoid show. There is no level of OTT that is too OTT. My favorite characters on this show include:

• A drag queen hacker who kills people a lot.
• A former neo-Nazi trying to atone for his past, but still covered in white power tattoos (played by the guy who plays Ward on Iron Fist; he's really great in this, and also completely ripped - though something of a guilty pleasure, for obvious reasons)
• A suburban mom who moonlights as a vigilante and dresses up for her vigilante evenings by putting on raccoon-eyes mascara, which became a running joke with me and Orion ("Don't mess with her, she's wearing the murder mascara!")

This is a show in which you never actually learn the main character's real name (every time he starts to tell someone, he gets interrupted/ the show cuts away to something else); there's an episode in which an Amish crime lord and a gang of heavily armed Native American radicals have a shootout in the middle of downtown that leaves probably like 40 people dead; a cop blows up a drug dealer's van full of bales of drugs with a rocket launcher and no one seems to notice; a ring of Satanists are kidnapping random victims from around town and sacrificing them to Satan in midnight ceremonies. There's a whole episode told almost entirely in bodycam/security camera footage and radio communications between the characters (which was really cool, honestly). There's a shootout in a strip club, an episode that consists mostly of the main character getting tortured in/trying to escape from a speeding semi trailer full of drug dealers, and Eliza Dushku playing a crack-smoking FBI agent (literal actual crack, not a metaphor) who is probably the least convincing FBI agent I have ever seen on TV.

The murder rate in this town has got to be like 1 per 10 people.

The show finished running in 2015-ish so it's complete in 4 (relatively short) seasons. It's a Cinemax show so it's definitely R-rated; there's graphic sex, graphic violence, etc. The first two seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime. I ended up skipping straight through the first couple of seasons and starting later, because I couldn't get engaged with the first couple of episodes (the main character is still not that engaging to me, though I love the ensemble), and found myself absolutely loving it once the cast really started to click. I loved the ending too. Now I'm catching up with the earlier eps that I skipped over the first time, which are a lot more fun now that I'm already invested in the characters.

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