October 14th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

So you wanna watch Iron Fist

Not gonna lie, I have hopes of dragging other people into this fandom hell sweet iddy show with me if I can, especially since this is probably going to be my playground for indulgent h/c for the next little while. (I've already written quite a bit, and there's more on the way ...)

The problem with Iron Fist (well, one of them) is that it's hard to rec because a lot of people bounce off the first season, and bounce hard. The second season is tighter, better written, does a much better job with Chinatown, and fixes basically everything that was an issue in season one. Unfortunately there's a lot in season one that sets up the character relationships in season two. And some people really do love season one! (I did, with some caveats.) So basically I'd recommend trying season one, and if you find yourself bouncing off but still want to try to get to the good stuff (and there is a lot of good stuff!), you can:

- Watch 1x01 and 1x12-1x13, which will establish the major characters and relationships in S2.
- Skip straight to 2x01. You'll miss some setup, but you can always go back and watch later.
- Watch season one while FF'ing through everything to do with ninjas, China, or kung fu. This was pretty much what I did in the early eps, before getting completely hooked by season's end.

The reason why it's worth it, and the reason why this ended up being my favorite of the four main Defendersverse shows (leaving aside Punisher, which I also adore and is kind of its own thing) is because this show is just so goddamn optimistic about people, and this universe (theirs or ours, frankly) could use some optimism. This is a show about family and love and connection and belonging, and characters actively seeking out those things and learning to build healthy supportive relationships with each other even when they come from terribly abusive/lonely/damaged backgrounds and screw up a lot along the way.

I think people who bounced off of, or noped out on, the other Netflix MCU shows because of the violence, grittiness, or darkness might like this one better. It's a lot more escapist, lighter, and more optimistic. The first season is essentially an off-its-rocker soap opera with ninjas; the second season is more tightly plotted, less batshit, and pays off on a lot of the character setup in really satisfying ways.

It also has some darn good canon hurt/comfort.

And yeah, it's cancelled now, which means (leaving aside the possibility of a revival or the characters turning up in other Netflix shows) two seasons is all there is, and unlike a lot of shows I've loved and lost along the way, it doesn't end on a forever cliffhanger. It's got a very solid ending that wraps up the character arcs in a satisfying way and, while clearly designed as a tease for season three, doesn't feel unfinished, but more like a springboard for further adventures. Unlike the other Netflix Marvel shows, it doesn't tear things down in season two; it builds things up and leaves the characters better than they were before.

There's a list of enticements under the cut - these are mildly spoilery, but just in the general sense of where things are headed that may not be apparent from early season one, rather than specifics.

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Viewing order:

Because this show is part of the Defendersverse shows and the characters pop up all over, here is the order in which the IF-related shows take place:

1. Iron Fist season one
2. Defenders (includes a lot of Danny & Colleen, and sets up Iron Fist season 2)
3. Luke Cage season 2 - not a must-watch for IF purposes, but includes IF crossover characters in 2 episodes, and also provides setup/background for Misty, who is one of the major IF characters in season 2. The Iron Fist crossover eps are 2x03 (Misty & Colleen) and 2x10 (Danny & Luke).
4. Iron Fist season two

I think you can probably get away with just watching IF 1 & 2 without watching the other shows, but I was glad that I watched Defenders and most of Luke Cage in between; it does help a lot with character setup and generally understanding their universe better.

Basically I love this sweet, charming, well-intentioned kung fu soap opera and I want to be able to share it with other people! I'm requesting/offering it for Yuletide, plan to request/offer for Festivids, and will probably have it as one of my perennial exchange fandoms for awhile, which means that if you like this show and you like my writing, the odds of getting fic from me are very high. :D

Note: I know this show may not be for a lot of people. That's totally fine! I don't mind at all if you don't like it, don't want to watch it, or find it severely problematic. I would prefer not getting comments just to tell me that, though.

ETA: I also realized I should add a list of potentially triggery/squee-harshing stuff (contains some spoilers). Set off a bit so it can be skipped if desired.

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