October 10th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

Where did this month go

My computer's in the shop and it's thrown my entire week into disarray. ;___; (Although honestly this month was a disaster from a scheduling perspective even before that happened.)

Okay, let's see. An assortment of things I've been meaning to post about but haven't yet:

• Sweet and lovely [personal profile] leesa_perrie has a new Zazzle shop, Bright Light Originals, with some of her nature/animal photography on T-shirts, phone covers, totes, etc. So check that out. :D

Zero Sum Game by SL Huang is out in a new Tor edition!! I am absolutely THRILLED to be able to link to this, FINALLY. It's the first book in a really excellent SF/suspense series that was originally self-published up to book 4 and then got picked up by Tor. (Disclaimer: I was one of the original betas. I cannot, however, claim any kind of credit for its awesomeness.) I'm sure I've talked about these here before, from time to time, and I am really looking forward to seeing these books discovered by a wider audience as they deserve!

... fuck, I should've nominated it for Yuletide. Oh well, next year. Speaking of which:

Yuletide signups are open 'til October 21! Guess who was going to write promo posts for all the fandoms she plans to request before signups opened. Guess who didn't do that and in fact hasn't even written most of her signup yet.

Things I plan to request:
Alliance-Union (Heavy Time/Hellburner)
Iron Fist
Robert Carey Mysteries - PF Chisholm
The Punisher (maybe?)
Death Gate Cycle (maybe?)

[personal profile] rachelmanija wrote a great Punisher promo post a little while back. (This show was such a nice surprise. I didn't expect it to be as awesome as it was.) And I was working on one for Iron Fist before my computer went toes up on me. *sob*

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Winter Sunlight

Dear Yuletide author

Yuletide signups are open 'til Oct. 20!

Note: I know several people on my flist are currently watching Iron Fist, so just a warning that my prompts under the cut include spoilers for the end of season 2.

Thank you so much for writing something for me! I am very easy to please and I love all these fandoms equally, so anything for any of them will delight me.

General likes: hurt/comfort of all types (tropey as hell? bring it on! head injuries, drowning, lost/stranded, hypothermia, desperately worried about a critically injured friend, etc ...), friendship, banter, casefic, character studies, short fluffy fics, long plotty fics, presumed dead, characters saving each other's lives, holidays (I celebrate Christmas, so Christmas-related fic is fine with me if appropriate for the canon), estranged friends reconnecting, characters hanging out/drinking together/playing board games/etc.

Do Not Want: permanent character death, jealousy or infidelity/cheating (except as present in canon; it's not that you need to avoid all mentions of it, just that I'd rather not have it introduced in a non-canon context), downer endings.

Robert Carey Mysteries - P.F. ChisholmCollapse )

Alliance-Union (Heavy Time/Hellburner)Collapse )

Iron FistCollapse )

Death Gate CycleCollapse )

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