October 6th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

Iron Fist season 2

I finished Iron Fist season 2 yesterday, and that was AMAZING. That was easily one of my favorite show finales ever. If they get a season 3 I will be delighted, but if it ends there, it's a perfect, beautiful ending and there is nothing else I want out of life. I LOVE MY RIDICULOUS KUNG FU SOAP OPERA and I plan to write a proper rec post soon.

But first! Under the first cut, there's a really major spoiler that might be an enticement for people who don't want to watch the show because of its problematic premise. This is a twist that is WELL worth being unspoiled for if you already want to watch the show and prefer an unspoiled viewing experience. However, if you've decided you aren't watching the show, this might be a deciding factor that would help change your mind.

That big spoilerCollapse )

Okay, and now ALL THE SPOILERS. I recommend not reading this if you plan to watch the show (and prefer to be unspoiled if you do). I struggled with temptation all throughout the last half of season 2 to look up some spoilers to find out if the show was going to break anything I didn't want them to break, but I am SO GLAD I got to experience that ending unspoiled. I literally screamed - well, okay, squeaked a lot.

Spoilers for season 2 and especially the season 2 finaleCollapse )

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