October 4th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

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The Netflix Defenders universe continues to be an absolute delight for me. I finished Defenders day before yesterday, which I loved - although I had somehow osmosed that it was 10 episodes, not 8, so as it got into the 8th episode I was thinking "wow, they're wrapping this up awfully fast, are they really going to have 2 episodes of aftermath?" No. The answer was no. XD

But anyway, yeah, I loved that, and then I decided to just watch some light spoilers for the second seasons of Luke Cage and Jessica JonesCollapse )

And now I am moving on to the second season of Iron Fist, and so far it is just as much of a delight as I hoped it'd be, still just as earnest and charming as season one but with a much better plot. You know, I had this feeling in season one but it's even stronger in season two, that alone of all the Netflix Defenders protagonists, Danny is explicitly about reaching out and making connections to people. Luke kinda does this too, but he's also trying hard to hold himself back from really getting attached, whereas Danny is just this little ray of sunshine who helps random strangers on the street and forgives people who have hurt him and tries to get along with people wherever he goes. I love how Iron Fist is at heart about family, messy families who hurt each other and sometimes even try to kill each other but are still a family. It feels, at the moment anyway, like Danny has a stronger, so to speak, emotional support staff on his show than the other Defenders protagonists do, because he doesn't push people away, he gloms onto them instead. You even sort of get that with other Defendersverse characters who wander onto their show too, e.g. Claire or Hogarth, where the IF characters are just like "stay with us and be our new friend! ♥"

... I mean obviously this is not to say there's anything wrong with the other shows, I like them too! It's just that what I want from a show right now is EXACTLY what this sweet dumb kung fu soap opera is giving me, and I really love it a lot, and I hope it doesn't go to hell in the last few episodes of the season.

(No spoilers past 2x03, please; that's as far as I am right now!)

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