September 16th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

AU Exchange creators are revealed!

The de-anonymizing is still propagating slowly through AO3, so these might not show up as mine yet at the time of posting, but I wrote three things!

Ironclad (Agent Carter, 12K words, gen)
Everyone thinks Howard Stark is the armored 1940s superhero called Ironclad. He's not. It's Peggy.

Shockingly the 12,000-word casefic in which Peggy is Iron Man was mine. I know right? So unexpected. I felt a little bad about having to rush this one a bit to get it done; I felt like I could easily have gone on for another 10K of Peggy flying around in rocketpack-deco 1940s Iron Man armor.

And then I wrote both of the "Steve Harrington turns into something weird" fics as pinch hits.

Full Moon Nights (Stranger Things, 7300 words, Steve + Nancy + Jonathan, gen with a slightly OT3-ish vibe)
Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.

... aka Steve is a werewolf. This fic uses the same "werewolf rules" as the ones I've previously written in White Collar and Guardians of the Galaxy (in which werewolves lose control and turn into ravening monsters when their pack/chosen-family isn't around, but are basically normal wolves otherwise). I was wondering if that would be kind of a giveaway, but it's only revealing if someone is familiar with the other stories I've written in completely different fandoms.

Fish Out of Water (Stranger Things, 3000 words, Steve + Dustin)
Steve is hiding a fishy secret.

... in which Steve is a merman. Thanks to [personal profile] sheron for suggesting an excellent title after I messaged her plaintively about my inability to come up with punny titles involving fish or mermaids. I was also curious if anyone would guess that both of these were mine, but they have very different styles - the merman one is more cracky and playful, the werewolf one is more emotionally hurt/comforty and serious.

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