September 10th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

Fandom things

Thing one: Alternate Universe Exchange is open! I wrote three stories for it (my assignment and two pinch hits), which are probably not that hard to figure out, all things considered.

And my gifts are AMAZING.

We're going inside (the belly of the beast) (Stranger Things, Steve, gen, 1300 wds)
Time travel and mixed-up timelines and Steve trying desperately to do the right thing. STEVE. ;__;

The Home of the Wolf (Punisher, Frank/David/Sarah, 6300 wds)
Some fantastic person wrote my werewolf!David prompt(!!!) and it is GLORIOUS. Perfect, seamless fusion of werewolf AU and canon, perfect character voices, perfect everything.

Thing two: Agents of SHIELD, which I'm getting caught up on. (People on Tumblr have already gotten an earful of my wailing about this, lol.) I KNOW it's a bad idea to get attached to side characters on this show. It NEVER ends well. And yet. Aaaaugh.

Spoilers for Season 5 through the finaleCollapse )

It also made me realize (I'm going to put this outside the cut; it's not really spoilery) that something I'm really, really into is characters being gentle with their hurt/sick/distressed frenemies. Like, okay, gentle touching is something I'm into in general, but specifically, that thing where a character who is normally abrasive and at odds with the characters around them, or even an outright enemy, is hurt and vulnerable, and the other one is touching them gently and speaking to them softly ... I am really all over that. :D Another example besides the AoS one is Peggy with Jack after the memory device was used on him, the way he's clearly not up to their usual level of snarky antagonism and she's being very careful with him while trying to get information out of him. I'm just. Really into that kind of thing.

Anyone got any other examples of that?

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