June 16th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

Random recent stuff

SSR Confidential works (the Agent Carter gift exchange I run) are all revealed and non-anonymous. We had 42 fics, art, and vids, way up from last year!

I just finished redoing my Patreon pledge levels (again), in preparation for starting the comic updating again in July. My new reward levels are geared towards trying not to have any necessary or semi-necessary Kismet content locked at a high level (I want all patrons to be able to see all the Kismet backstage stuff and whatnot), but also offering some nice stuff at higher pledge levels, including rewards for people who might not be into Kismet, as such - while hopefully not causing myself a huge amount of extra work. New reward levels are:

• $1 - gets all the behind-the-scenes stuff (some of which is locked, some not)
• $2 - gets a free ebook any month I have a book out (e.g. Metal Wolf this month)
• $5 - gets snail mail, postcards and whatnot, once or twice a year
• $10 - gets mailed hardcopies of Kismet books when I have a new one out (this one hasn't changed, but I also haven't had a new Kismet book out in longer than I really want to admit to)

This is not meant to guilt anyone into backing my Patreon or anything, just pointing and saying, "Yo, Patreon over there."

And Kismet starts again in July, YAY. I really didn't meant to take six months off, especially since I've left the most recent page only half colored for this entire time. THAT leaves a good impression, all right. >___>

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