May 23rd, 2018

Winter Sunlight

Read all the Cherryh: Finity's End

Another new read for me, and oh man, I really loved this one! Especially all the slice-of-life-on-a-spaceship details of life on board a merchanter ship. I mean, basically this is a boarding school novel IN SPACE, with extra bonus family feels, and of the Alliance-Union books I've read so far, this is the first to really go into details of worldbuildy stuff like how the ships are set up, how they trade, how jump really works (e.g. what's going on when they talk about the weird side effects of dumping velocity when they come out of a jump), and so forth from a ground-level, characters'-eye perspective. A side effect of the tight third-person POV she tends to use -- her characters generally don't explain things to the reader that they already know, and this is the first of the merchanter books I've read that's told largely from the POV of a character who isn't used to the ships, so we get to see how it's all set up as he learns about it. It also really expands the Alliance part of the universe, since we get to see so many of the space stations and get a feeling for them as unique places, along with all the changes that have happened since the war -- in a similar way to how we got to see the in-depth functioning of prewar life in Jupiter's asteroid belt in Heavy Time.

I think everything else I have to say about this book is spoilery, so it'll go under the cut ...

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