May 13th, 2018

Atlantis city

Misc things

I decided to buy myself a new Kindle Paperwhite to replace my ancient Kindle with the side buttons. It arrived in the mail today, so I've been setting it up and so far my thoughts are decidedly "hmmm." I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually, but I'm definitely not going to toss the old one anytime soon. I expect it'll be nice to have one that's backlit for reading in bed, though!

I had enough fun writing up my thoughts on The Pride of Chanur that I think I might just forget the "book club" idea for the time being, and simply make more posts on the Cherryh books I've read lately. Which one(s) are y'all most interested in hearing about?

*I haven't actually acquired these yet, but they're definitely going to be part of the "read all the Cherryh" project. Apparently the library has them; they've got a good Cherryh selection, come to find out.

In other news, I've settled on Mar Delaney as my F/F pen name and set up a website. Now I just need, you know ... to write some books. (Details.)

Apropos of that, [personal profile] rachelmanija has started a project called F/F Fridays, similar to Reading Wednesdays - post about an F/F book, story, or fanfic rec on Friday. Which I'm going to try to start doing, not every week, but as the mood takes me. (I'll probably post them here and also at Mar's website, to give it some content.) Also, [personal profile] rachelmanija has a poll where you can vote on the next book she'll review.

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