May 12th, 2018

Winter Sunlight

Tumblr (DW) book club: The Pride of Chanur

Adapted from a few separate posts I made to Tumblr on The Pride of Chanur by CJ Cherryh, aka a surprisingly contemporary-feeling early-1980s SF novel in which a human dude is abducted by aliens (more or less) and ends up on a ship with a bunch of lion women who have never seen a human before. No spoilers for future books, though spoilers might occur in the comments. (FYI, I'm currently reading the fourth book. I know there are a couple people on Tumblr who are reading the books for the first time, but I'm not sure if any of the interested parties on DW are new readers. To be on the safe side, include spoiler warnings in your comments if you discuss future books.)

Spoilers and general musings for Pride of ChanurCollapse )

Have you read the book? Do you have thoughts? Come talk to me about it!

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