February 19th, 2018


Box of Chocolates

Chocolate Box reveals are out! I had no idea [personal profile] alessandriana wrote the OT3 fic for me! Ha.

I wrote:

Saints and Other Scoundrels (Discworld, Moist von Lipwig/Adora Bell Dearheart, 1480 words)
Adora Belle entertains a late-night visitor and learns a few things about obscure Omnian holidays, at least the Moist Von Lipwig version of said holidays.

Or: Valentine's Day on the Disc. I've never even tried to write Discworld before, but this was a very, very last-minute emergency pinch hit, and one of their requested pairings was also one of my favorite Discworld couples (plus I'd just recently reread the Moist books), so I decided to try writing it and see if I could actually make a story take shape before I officially picked up the pinch hit. About 90% of a story later, I was like, "Well, this appears to be working ..."

A Friend in Need (Stranger Things, Steve + the kids, 2200 words)
Steve is sick; the kids try to make him feel better.

That's it, that's the story. :D This one was my actual assignment. I wanted to do more treating, but I think I kinda burned myself out on writing short fluff with Yuletide and Fandom Stocking.

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