November 22nd, 2010

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My Yuletart is away! (And I'm really proud of it! Of course, it'll be a month and a half before I can admit that it's mine ...)

State of the Ficathons:

1. sheppard_hc secret santa (SGA, 3000-wd minimum, due Dec. 21-Jan. 3)
Status: Started story; plan to return to it when I finish my sga_santa (since the deadline is earlier on that one).

2. sga_santa (SGA, 1000-wd minimum, due Dec. 10)
Status: Story is plotted and about half written.

3. yuletart (due Nov. 23)
Status: DONE!

4. Yuletide (1000-wd minimum, due Dec. 20)
Status: Got my assignment, and I think I know what I want to write!

5. family_haven (1000-wd minimum, due Feb. 14)
Status: Got my assignment, thinking about what I want to write ...

Also planning to write for:
- smallfandomfest (prompt claiming opens on Nov. 23)
- [community profile] hc_bingo (I can do at least one or two more fills this year, right?)
- sga_genficathon next year ...
- and [personal profile] astridv's fic; I haven't forgotten!

And then there is NaNoWriMo, of course (currently stuck in Plot Hell).

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