November 13th, 2010

Christmas cookies

Whee, Yuletide! :D

Yuletide signups are open now! :D

There is also a handy how-to guide with videos of the signup process if you are unsure about the new signup form.

It might take awhile to get the signup page to load, because they're really getting hammered right now (it keeps timing out for me). I think I'm going to finish writing my letter and working out the details of my requests, and then come back to it a little later. ETA: Page is loading for me now, albeit rather slowly! \o/ Someone on my flist suggested that Google Chrome might work better than Firefox or IE (I'm using Safari off in the Macintosh hinterlands, so I don't know *g*).

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More musings on Yuletide, while I dink around with my letter and signup

... er, this is totally a serious question: does anyone consider it uncouth/in poor taste to use Christmas icons on Yuletide posts? I know that Yuletide-the-ficathon =/= Christmas, but the ficathon timeline is not-so-subtly built around it, and they're definitely associated in my head. Plus I rarely get to use those icons, SO... But I don't want to make anyone feel excluded by using holiday-specific icons, when I could just as easily use writing icons instead. Um. Thoughts?

Anyway, I've been pondering the new signup form. You can now add some new things to your request: you can specify kind of pairing (Gen, F/F, etc), you can add a freeform tag (like "hurt/comfort" or "fluff") -- none of these are guaranteed, but they might make it easier to match authors with other authors with like tastes.

I think for me, this actually makes it HARDER, because my requests are usually pretty varied (I'd love this OR this other thing OR this completely different thing) and now I have to figure out if I want Thing #1 enough to use tags specifically geared towards getting it. In a fandom where I would be very happy with gen or with pairings X and Y, do I check "gen" or one of the pairing options or just leave it blank? If I check "gen", will that make it less likely for my writer to write me Pairing X even though they love Pairing X as much as I do and have a great idea for it? *wails*

I already dithered a lot on choosing characters, because if I have several options for my writer involving different characters, do I pick all of them even though I don't actually mean "all of these have to be in my story"? Or do I pick some subset of them, even though I would be just as happy with pairing a/b as I would be with gen featuring b, c, d?

Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome that they have all these options! I imagine it probably works better for Yuletide writers who are more specific than me, or more willing to exclude things. I think actually, the way my Yuletide brain works tends to go more in the "anything BUT this" direction than in the "must have THIS" direction -- usually I'd be happy with any pairing but the one or two that really squick me, for example, or I'd like a story from any part of canon except this one section that I really hated, or whatever. But it's hard to get that across in the signup in a non-judgmental way.

Don't mind me, just dithering, carry on. :D

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Christmas cookies

Dear Yuletide Writer

(Incidentally, I am signed up as "Sholio", my AO3/ pseudonym. Someday I really need to go into AO3 and create a "friendshipper" pseud to make things less confusing.)

Anyway! Thank you very much for writing for me. :) I am fairly easy to please, and I'm sure I'll be happy with whatever you write for me. Having said that, here is some information on my reading likes/dislikes to help you! (These are suggestions only; please don't feel like you have to write THIS AND ONLY THIS.)

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I think my requests were comprehensive enough that they stand on their own just fine, but they're reproduced here for easy reference, plus a bit of commentary. :) Once again, these are just suggestions; write me a story that you like, and chances are I'll like it too!

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Oh cool!

Why yes, I am Spam Girl today. (Sorry.) But while attempting to edit my Yuletide signup, I noticed something I really like about the latest iteration of the AO3 interface -- it now displays your fandoms in order of most stories written, rather than alphabetical. That is AWESOME, because it always did annoy me that the alphabetizing meant that my list was topped by some of my really old fandoms in which I only had one (not very good) story. This is much better!

*runs off again*

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