November 9th, 2010

SGA-Jeannie Rodney Last Man

Not according to plan

You know, the whole reason why I started re-reading the Dresden Files books in October, as opposed to one of the many other books on my shelf, was because I didn't want to distract my brain from NaNo by getting a whole new set of characters in there.

I do not think it is working as intended, as evidence by the past couple weeks of posts to my journal. Not to mention that I just wrote 1200 words on a missing scene for White Night.

Dresden bookverse

Dresden Files: total WTF fanwank theory

So, right now I'm halfway through Small Favor and also kinda-sorta reading parts of Turn Coat, because for some reason on this re-read I am pretty far gone for Thomas/Justine and I needed MOAR. (Though I suspect Turn Coat is going to be a hard book to get all the way through, due to the general soul-crushing trauma of That One Spoilery Thing.)

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