October 24th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

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I just got done re-reading Blood Rites and man, I am on a Dresden Files high right now. :D There is just no point whatsoever in writing fanfic for this series; it's all right there in the text. I mean, this book alone is an h/c lover's paradise, and it's just one book out of twelve! (Admittedly one of the more button-pushing ones, but nearly every book has at least one scene that totally sends me into raptures of squee. I am not sure how he does it, but Butcher plays my little fangirl heart like a finely tuned instrument. :D) Also: box of puppies! ^_^

For my own reference - current list of fannish commitments (which hasn't changed much since last check-in):

1. spook_me (A:tLA, due Oct. 26)
Status: Did some research. Wrote a little. I'd, um, better work on this, if I'm going to finish it at all before the deadline. (It's a low-pressure ficathon, no penalty for dropping out, but I liked both the ideas I had, and I wanted to finish at least one of them, darn it.)

2. sheppard_hc secret santa (SGA, 3000-wd minimum, due Dec. 21-Jan. 3)
Status: Brainstorming. Did some research. Stuck.

3. sga_santa (SGA, 1000-wd minimum, due Dec. 10)
Status: Got my assignment; thinking about it.

4. yuletart (due Nov. 23)
Status: Got my assignment; thinking about it.

5. Yuletide (1000-wd minimum, due Dec. 21)
Status: Signups not open yet.

Other stuff: h/c bingo fics. [personal profile] astridv's Finders AU for help_haiti. Would like to do a chaptered story, but don't really see having the time in the near future. Still planning to do NaNo!

ETA: Heeeeee ... looking back through my old Dresden Files posts, I just came across my very first conversation with Naye in the comments to a (spoilery) Book 8 post from 2007. Um, wow, it's only been three years? Wow.

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Winter Sunlight

Oh dear

So I said I wasn't going to sign up for anything else ...

But someone in comments pointed me at family_haven -- it's a ficathon for stories about friendship/family relationships and OH DEAR, I can feel myself sliiiiiding. (And I just saw that the due date isn't until February, so ... perhaps I will sign up for it? Maybe?)

Signups are here if anyone on my flist is interested! It's multifandom, and the fandoms are:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Stargate Atlantis
X-Men (canon/movie/evolution)
Harry Potter

(So many of my fandoms! Oh help!)

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Winter Sunlight

... oh, frickadoodle. Writing fail.

Okay, I think I'm going to give up on spook_me. I've been struggling with this fic all day, and I've managed to write ... two paragraphs. This story just isn't happening ... I really like the idea that I wanted to work with Collapse ) but I simply cannot seem to get into the right headspace to write a spooky/moody story right now.

But spook_me isn't an exchange and has no requirement to give notice before dropping out, so ... yeah. I think this would be a good one to drop before I waste even more time working on it. I think I'd rather spend that time and effort either working on one of the exchange fics, or doing research/brainstorming for my NaNo (whatever it turns out to be).


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