October 20th, 2010

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Gnnn, the last couple of weeks have knocked me down big-time. I finally gave up and went home sick yesterday, and took today as a sick day also. I feel really weird about calling in sick to a temp job where I've only been working for two weeks, but damn it, I've been sick for nearly ALL of those two weeks, I haven't been sleeping, I've been working 6-day weeks, and I just wasn't getting over it.

So I came home yesterday afternoon, crashed for a while, then slept in this morning, and mmmmm, I think I'm finally shaking off this cold. I feel so much better. Still pretty hazy in the brain department, but I'm finally starting to have some energy again.

I've also been re-reading the Dresden Files books (SIDE JOBS SOON YAY) ... it's been ages since I read the first one, and I'm pretty sure I never actually read the second one (I started with book 3 originally, then went back and read book 1 afterwards just to see how it all began, but I never got around to going ahead and reading the second one!). It's really fascinating to see how many of the later developments were obviously planned from the beginning, and yet, how much less layered it is in the early books -- it's so obviously a film-noir-with-magic story in the first book that it's fascinating to think about how it developed later. And he's so isolated in the first couple of books; even Murphy is pretty distant, and she's basically the only friend he's got. Oh, Harry.

The list of this year's nominated Yuletide fandoms is up - this is the unmodified list; that is, they may later disqualify some of these. I noticed Dresden Files is on there and I'd be really surprised if this one makes the cut (though it did last year, so it might this year). Anyway, nominations close today, so you might want to see if all the fandoms you want are on there!

I have all of my winter-season ficathon assignments now except for Yuletide (obviously), so I guess I should start working on those, shouldn't I? Perhaps I'll start poking at those this afternoon. It feels so weird to have no pressing projects hanging over me right now, other than the fannish ones.

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Dresden bookverse

Dresden Files: post-Changes fic

I swore to myself that I wasn't going to write post-Changes fic. I wasn't, I wasn't, I wasn't. What I want at this point is more canon, and I'm sure that anything I come up with is going to be significantly less awesome than what actually happens (and, also, jossed six ways from Sunday in a few days). And yet I couldn't get this scene out of my head. So I wrote it.

There is really no way to even summarize this thing without spoiling the book, so I'm going to put the whole thing, header and all, under a cut. It's about 2100 words, PG-ish, and basically gen with passing references to a canon pairing. Also posted over at AO3.

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