October 16th, 2010


Stick a fork in me, guys, because ...

... I'm done!

At 65,000 words, that's one (1) rough draft of an original YA fantasy novel. *lays down pen*

(Well, okay, I write on the computer mostly, but laying down the keyboard is a much less satisfying metaphor. Besides, I'm still typing on it. *g*)

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In short: *\o/*

Okay, now -- I had set aside the entire month of October (tentatively) for working on this novel, so now I have some free time, so to speak! The rest of October is going to be given over to fanfic (my SpookMe story; probably try to get started on my Sheppard_HC one too) and brainstorming/worldbuilding for my NaNo novel. Yes, Virginia, there is a NaNo this year!

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Nominations are open and, after a great deal of dithering, I've put in mine. \o/ Unless I think of something I forgot and have to change my form.

My nominations:

C J Cherryh - Alliance-Union universe
Karin Lowachee - Warchild series
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman - The Death Gate Cycle
Stephen King - Under the Dome
Tobias Buckell - Xenowealth series
Vivian Vande Velde - Never Trust a Dead Man

Looks like it's all book fandoms this year. I haven't actually figured out how many of these I'm writing for (well, Warchild for sure; still thinking about the others, but I wanted them in there just in case).

I always feel kind of weird and uncomfortable about writing in book fandoms. It feels so much more ... personal than writing for big media fandoms. I don't have a philosophical problem with other people doing it, and I'm perfectly cool with the idea of other people writing for my stuff. But I absolutely do not write fic for original universes created by people I know (without their permission and approval, anyhow), and there's a sort of ... continuum of comfort for me, I guess, between the really obscure stuff and the really popular stuff. I feel less weird about writing fic for, say, Stephen King's books than for some self-published author that most people have never heard of. And I'm a lot less likely to write fic in open, ongoing universes -- Dresden Files comes to mind here, for example; I wrote a little, nonspecific, it-could-go-anywhere-in-canon fic awhile back, but while I have been speculating rampantly about what the next book might hold, I really don't have any desire to write fic for it. I just want the BOOK. If it were a TV show, I think I would probably be filling the hiatus with all kinds of post-finale fic, but for a book, not so much, and it's not that I have to stop myself from doing it or anything -- I just don't want to.