September 5th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Songvid: Avatar Dance Mix (United State of Pop 2009)

The Avatar AMV of doooom is finally ready to be released into the wild! Thank you very much to gnine for looking it over for me, and giving very helpful feedback & suggestions. (And if you guys haven't heard this song mashup before, it's brilliant - I was blown away the first time I heard it, because the songs fit together like they were meant to be. And it was so much fun to vid!)

Title: Avatar Dance Mix
Song: United State of Pop 2009 - Blame It on the Pop (mashup of the Billoard top 25 pop songs of 2009)
Artist: Mashup by DJ Earworm - full list of songs & artists at
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Seasons/Spoilers: Clips from (nearly) every episode for all 3 seasons
*If you haven't seen the series at all, the clips are short and out of order, so I'm not sure how spoiled you'd actually be, depending on how spoilerphobic you are. If you're currently watching it, you'll be spoiled for future events out the wazoo.

Download: Large - MP4, 74 Mb | Small - WMV, 25 Mb

Embedded under the cut (hopefully; never embedded video before! *crosses fingers*)

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Roy Mustang

Brainstorming! (and another ficathon that looks fun)

... okay, I think I'm gonna go sign up for this too: Three Space Shows and a Movie mini-ficathon. 500 words of gen fic for SGA, SG1, or ST (TOS/AOS), by late September? I can do that! :D

Sigh. I think I have a problem.

Anyway! Now that I've posted my latest songvid, I already know the next one I want to make! In the comments to one of my Avatar posts, [personal profile] jalendavi_lady mentioned "pretty boys playing with fire" as a common theme between FMA and A:TLA, and I went "OOOOH" because that just begs to be a multifandom vid. I have the perfect song for it, and I can think right off the top of my head of three shows that would fit perfectly - FMA (Roy), A:TLA (Zuko/Azula/Iroh/Ozai), and One Piece (Ace).

So here are my questions for you, my f'list/circle:

- What other anime or animated series/movie can you think of that has character(s) with fire powers? I can use energy-based chi attacks for filler clips, if I need to, but I'd really like as much actual fire as possible. I can think of a few "maybes", but in these cases I've only seen a little of the show and I can't remember specifically if it fits what I'm looking for - I seem to remember that Sasuke on Naruto has fire attacks, and also, the red-haired girl in the main triad on Rayearth. But I don't remember either show very well. Any suggestions are welcome!

- One Piece people! What are some specific OP episodes that I should look at for Ace doing his bursting-into-flames thing, or episodes that have some kickass Ace fight sequences? For the vid in general, I'd like to avoid majorly spoilery stuff and just stick to fun, flying-around-and-flaming scenes. And can you help me find good-quality, sub-free raws for source footage? I can get DVDs from Netflix, but it looks like they've only got it up to Skypeia. You can PM or email me if you don't want to post links.

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