September 3rd, 2010

Avatar-upbeat attitude

I figured I'd better write all this down

For my own reference, my current fannish commitments:
help_pakistan story for raphe1 (2000+ wds)
• very very late help_haiti story for [personal profile] astridv (it's gonna be a long one, and I'm stuck ...)
• ficlet for tridget who guessed me in Genficathon (Sheppard & Caldwell)
spook_me (just signed up, for Avatar this time, since it's multi-fandom; stories due Oct. 26)
• doing a few more fills on my h/c bingo card

Ficathons I'm probably signing up for:
• Yuletide (signups in ... early October, isn't it?; due mid-Dec)
sheppard_hc holiday fic exchange (signups mid-Sept-ish; due around Christmas?) - last year was the first year I haven't done this one since it's been running, and I'd like to do it again
sga_santa (due mid-Dec) - mmmmmaybe, it depends on whether I'm feeling overwhelmed by the time signups open

What am I forgetting ...?

Oh yes, and in "reasons why Avatar fandom is awesome", there is currently a discussion of the show at [community profile] white_lotus that is taking place entirely in haiku. (And thus you'll see why I don't write poetry. My haiku is bad. Really really bad. At least it scans.)

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Random timewasting

For those in my flist/circle who, like me, suffered through what felt like about 500 Wheel of Time books (okay, more like 7 or 8) waiting for something to happen -- or, really, those of us who grew up on Tolkein-ripoff fantasy in general ... this rant about Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind is pretty awesome. And then I got to this description of Rand al'Thor, the protagonist of Wheel of Time, and I *died*.

"Rand was an ass out of which Robert Jordan could pull anything he needed, not a character."

So true. So very true. I'm not sure why that particular turn of phrase cracked me up so much, but omg, I'm still giggling.

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Winter Sunlight


So, LJ people ...

Do you like the little text that says the post has been crossposted to DW, or do you wish it'd just go away? (Now that I'm crossposting a lot of stuff, I'm trying to figure out how to set up my settings.)

That little line of text at the bottom of a post that says it's been crossposted is ...

Annoying! I want it to go away!
Useful! I want it to stay!
Your business; it's your journal, after all.
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