September 1st, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Happy things: some vid recs!

So I recently discovered the community vidding, which has been, uh, bad for my productivity in general. XD

But, here: have some happymaking vid recs! (These aren't all from vidding, though most are; the links go to the creators' pages, though.)

These Are My People by colls - Firefly vid set to a Rodney Atkins country song (perfect for Firefly, I might add), for the theme "family"; it's fun, happy, bouncy, wonderfully edited, and just generally makes me miss all the things I loved so much about the show. :D (DL & streaming.)

What About Everything by [personal profile] fizzyblogic - This is set to the ever-popular "What About Everything" by Carbon Leaf, and it is an awesome multifandom female-character vid -- female characters from many TV & movie fandoms, kicking ass and taking names and hanging out with other women. (Download & streaming)

Hugging time by shortnudel - Set to "Right By Your Side" by the Eurythmics, this is a multifandom hugging vid. *meeps* Includes SGA/SG1, Supernatural, NCIS and a bunch of others. (Streaming only)

School's Out by [personal profile] leanwellback - A multifandom vid of schoolkids being troublemakers, silly punks, and just plain kids, set to "School's Out" by Alice Cooper; clips from live-action, animated and computer-animated sources. Fun! (DL & streaming)

Take On Me by trelkez - Fast, bouncy, nifty Doctor Who vid set to the A-Ha song (of course), with footage from all Doctors. (DL & streaming)

Run With Me by chaila - A tribute vid for River Song from DW, lovely and awesome as River herself! (spoilers for River's episodes; DL & streaming)

Open Your Eyes by derry667 - DW Eleventh Doctor vid (Rory/Amy + Doctor); beautiful song choice, beautifully edited! I love Derry's vids and I'm so delighted that she made a new one! (very spoilery for season 5; DL & streaming)

Let It Rock by tarryfairy - Tribute vid for Zuko from Avatar; fast and bouncy and I can't stop watching this; help. (Spoilers for the whole series; streaming only)

Wild Child by calapine - Multifandom female-character tribute vid set to an Enya song; beautiful editing and clip choices! (DL & streaming)

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