August 16th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Hi, new people! :D

I know that I've picked up some new people following my journal in the wake of my plunge into A:tLA fandom (more on DW than LJ, I think). Actually, what I really wish right now is that I had more time to wallow in the squee and fun; I'm in the midst of a whirlwind summer of travel and family and health issues and more travel and more family and, to top it off, very little Internet. Woe! But in September, I'm looking forward to settling down and having more time to participate in discussions and write more fic and find new people to friend/follow, and just generally ... play, without having to take my play in tiny Internet-cafe snippets.

Anyway! If you're new here, or lurking, here's a quick orientation:

My main fandom for the last four years has been Stargate Atlantis. Though I've dabbled in a few other fandoms along the way (Supernatural, Wiseguy, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece), lately A:tLA has EATEN ME WHOLE, and it looks like this is going to be my new shiny fandom for a while (though I still dabble in the old ones; my flist/circle is so overwhelmingly SGA-based that I doubt if I'll fall out of the fandom entirely, regardless, and I like being able to join in the squee and meta-talk for the various things that you all are into).

I crosspost fannish stuff and meta between LJ and DW. (My LJ and DW names are the same.) All the A:tLA posts, even the little ones that are normally something I would just toss at LJ, are fully crossposted because I know most of the A:tLA people are reading my journal over on DW. My personal journaling, however, is still on LJ, though there isn't really all that much of it (especially lately). I don't generally grant access to subscribers at DW because I just don't ever post anything locked over there -- I don't post locked stuff all that often even at LJ, and I'd need to set up access filters on DW to correspond to my LJ filters, and I'm lazy. So, in short, if you grant me access and I don't grant it back, it's not me being a fannish snob (I hope); it's just not how I'm using the blog right now.

Hmm. A little more about me fannishly: I like gen character relationships best (friends, siblings, parents & kids, teams, best enemies/rivals, found-family and actual family of all types), and when I do get interested in a pairing, it's usually canon pairings that I go for (though there are certain exceptions to that, and I also like threesomes/moresomes because they can be had without breaking up the canon pairs!). I'm a spoilerphobe. Hurt/comfort is my catnip, though I take it with tongue planted firmly in cheek a lot of the time. I hate bashing of characters, ships, actors and so forth; I suppose bashing is somewhat in the eye of the beholder, but I definitely tend more towards a "squee" mode of fanning, I guess, and vitriolic negativity makes me sad. On the other hand, I really love that my flist/circle are very open towards discussing issues of representation, misogyny, racism and other *fails in the stuff we fan on, even if I occasionally have to minimize my involvement in those discussions when I'm in the first flush of fan-squee. But I love that I've never felt like we can't talk about that stuff around here.

Anyway, that's me! Feel free to say hi if you like. Or not.

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