July 27th, 2010

Avatar-upbeat attitude

Avatar: Rec me stuff!

Okay, guys! I have finished Avatar: The Last Airbender and I am ready for FANSTUFF! Give me recs! Vids, art, fancomics, communities, fanfic, fansites -- where are the good ones? What am I missing? (I'd especially love some vid recs! :D) I already know about [community profile] white_lotus and plan on going over there to poke around as soon as I'm done typing this. :D I really love all the characters and am interested in fic/vids/etc featuring any of them, and I'd like to avoid parts of the fandom where character bashing abounds, if there are such places.

As far as fic is concerned, you guys know what I like: gen or light canon pairings, friendship, action, h/c, long plotty stuff, short character-based stuff, humor ... any combination of the above. I really like all the canon pairings and don't want to see them broken up, and for right now I'm not really interested in non-canon pairings at all -- but all of that is subject to being waived for fic of suitable awesomeness: if you've just read a mind-blowing apocafic in which half the characters die and the other half all hook up in a poly relationship, go ahead and rec away. :)

(Dreamwidth people: I've been posting my Avatar reactions to LJ, but I just did a journal import, so you can find them on DW under my Avatar tag, and you are welcome to comment at either place if you'd like to.)

Please note that comments may contain spoilers for any part of the series.

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