July 13th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

HC_Bingo fic: Wraithshadow (Whaleverse) - (1/2)

I saw the "Wings" square on the hc_bingo card and this is what instantly leaped to mind. This takes place a couple of years before Naye's and my magic AU A Clear and Different Light. It's not necessary to read that story first, if you haven't; this one is self-contained and explains everything you need to know.

Title: Wraithshadow
Pairing/Rating: Gen, PG
Prompt: For the hc_bingo square "Wings (Always There)"
Word Count: 11,500
Summary: How Ronon came to live on Athos in the ACaDL universe -- the sunny spring day when Teyla found an injured, winged stranger in the woods, and what happened after. Contains mostly Teyla and Ronon (and Halling, Charin, et al) plus a teeny bit of Rodney. (At this point in ACaDL continuity, John is not in Pegasus yet.)

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