May 29th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Calling all '80s children ... :D

Okay, this is driving me crazy. We were talking about old TV shows with my in-laws tonight, and my husband was waxing nostalgic about what was apparently his favorite show when he was a little kid in the early '80s ... and none of us can figure out what show he's talking about. (He doesn't remember the name or who the actors were.) Google isn't helping either. He says that what he remembers is that it was sort of vaguely like MacGyver ("... but cooler") with a crime-fighting hero who had a headquarters in a warehouse with lots of high-tech computer equipment, and an airplane that he'd built, and other gadgets. Basically the hero was sort of a gadget-building MacGyver type. He says it's live-action, not a cartoon, and he thinks he was about 6 or 7 (which would put it in the general vicinity of 1983-84 -- but the dates could be off by as much as a few years).

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

ETA: After a lot more googling than it was probably worth XD ... we think we've found a very likely candidate: Probe. It's a little later than he remembered, but it's tough to remember exactly how old you were when various events in your childhood happened. I suppose we'll know for sure after the download finishes ... :>

In other fannish news, I got my art turned in for [community profile] sgareversebang and *hangs head* went ahead and signed up as an author too. I need something to give me a bit of a kick in the pants as far as writing is concerned -- I did write something for sga_genficathon, but it's been kind of like pulling teeth trying to squeeze words out of my head lately. Author signups close tomorrow and the art will be available for claiming around June 5th or so.

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