May 20th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Various recs of various sorts

Over the last few days I've read through the archives of Freakangels, and now I have to wait for new installments with the rest of the world (woe!). Twelve psychically gifted teenagers cause the end of the world ... we've all heard this one before. But the story begins six years later, when they're trying to atone for their actions by picking up the pieces and restarting civilization in the post-apocalyptic ruins of what used to be London. It's not destroying the world that's hard ... it's fixing it. Especially when you have the powers of a minor god and have to struggle with the temptation to use them. The archive starts here and it updates with new installments on Fridays.

On a more fannish note, fkficfest is posting stories in the Forever Knight Ficfest. FK is a fandom in which I've never written or been socially active, but like TOS, it seems to be one of my touchstone fandoms -- every so often I'll rewatch a few episodes and dip back in to see if there's any interesting new fic around. They're posting two stories a day 'til the fest is over, and I've been really enjoying them. Two I particularly liked so far: A Contradiction in Terms by hearts_blood is a wonderful Nick & Nat character piece with a lovely Natalie and a light, graceful handling of the complicated and conflicted relationship between Nick, Nat and Janette. And Sugar and Spice by malinaldarose is a gen casefile story in which Jenny Schanke gets drawn into a murder investigation after she finds a classmate's drowned body; it features a wonderfully brave and resourceful Jenny, and an interesting mystery. (The fandom's handling of Jenny and Myra was always one of my favorite things about FK fandom, really; as characters, they never even appeared in the show itself -- well, we saw Myra from a distance one time -- but fandom does a wonderful job of fleshing them out and making them into sympathetic, three-dimensional people.)

ETA: Another rec, this one for SGA - Germination by thingswithwings (Jennifer/Rodney, NC-17, light kink) is a really enjoyable "Seed" tag, with great character voices, that worked beautifully for me in the context of the episode. I especially liked the characters' open negotiation of their sexual boundaries, which isn't something you see much in fic.