May 15th, 2010


Happy fanstuffs from the Graduation Party!

There are still lots of lovely, unused prompts at the gen party here on LJ, and "anything goes", any-pairing-plus-gen party on DW, and anyone is welcome to jump in and use one! (There are several I meant to write something for ... and haven't. But I may yet ...!)

In the meantime, check out all the lovely commentfic!

Memory (Teyla, gen, image prompt) by ticiathethief
For the prompt "Woolsey - going offworld for the first time" (gen) by lunabee34
Untitled (Sheppard's team, gen, image prompt) by kriadydragon
For the prompt "Teyla, Star Trek UA, being the half-Vulcan communications officer on the USS Atlantis" (gen with Uhura/Teyla undertones) by lunabee34
For the prompt "team = family, a day off, perhaps with a (more or less successful) pic-nic and Torren playing with his uncles" (gen, team) by sholio
Untitled (Rodney, gen, image prompt) by hollow_echos
For the prompt "An AU with Rodney plus any other character(s)" (gen, John & Rodney) by liketheriverrun
For the prompt "Zelenka and his still" (gen) by schneefink
For the prompt "Teyla/Rodney - picnic" (Teyla, Rodney, gen) by tielan
Rodney McKay: This Is Your Life (Rodney/Teyla, John/Ronon, PG-13, same prompt as above) by telesilla
Also for the prompt "Teyla/Rodney - picnic" (light Teyla/Rodney) by tielan
Sky's falling (John/Ronon, image prompt) by scrollgirl
For the prompt "Teyla - speak softly and carry a big gun" (Teyla, team, gen) by sholio
For the prompt "Elizabeth - the voices in your head" (Elizabeth, gen) by octoberdreaming/elegantpi
For the prompt "Sam/Rodney and a mishap with Ancient tech" (Sam, Daniel, gen or implied Sam/Rodney) by schneefink
For the prompt "What was Teyla up to when the Terrans were back on Earth and the Ancients were in Atlantis?" (Teyla, some Ronon, Kanaan, Halling; gen) by tielan
For the prompt "John/Teyla, glomp" (light John/Teyla) by kristen999
Why They Fight (SGA team + SG1 team, gen w/mention of numerous canon relationships) by scrollgirl

Thank you, everybody! ♥ Don't forget to give the authors some love, and there's no statute of limitations on using prompts if any of them catch your eye!