May 13th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

Party! \o/

The Stargate Graduation Party is going wonderfully - gen version here on LJ, and "anything goes", any-pairing-plus-gen on DW. There are quite a few short fics already, and a ton of prompts representing many different characters and (on the anything-goes thread) a diverse array of pairings. (If you're a gen person, incidentally, at this point the "anything-goes" thread has several gen fics and nothing higher-rated than what I'd consider a bare PG, if that -- so you might find something interesting over there as well.)

If you're looking for some writerly or artistic SGA-related inspiration, stop by and see if anything catches your fancy! And thanks to everyone who's stopped by to leave prompts, write or comment; it's most appreciated. ♥

ETA: Also, SGA Reverse Bang is still looking for authors; sign-up post is here, and sign-ups are open 'til the end of the month. The challenge is on Dreamwidth but you do not need a Dreamwidth account to participate -- you can use OpenID (although, as I've learned and kristen999 can recently attest, OpenID kind of sucks). Alternatively, I have a handful of DW codes and it's easy to get more, if you want one.