May 11th, 2010

Atlantis city

Stargate graduation party! \o/ (gen version)

I took my last final today - only fifteen years after I started, I have a bachelor's degree! \o/

So I'm celebrating with an SGA/Stargateverse commentfic party!

I wanted to take advantage of Dreamwidth's longer comment counts, but most of my SGA flist is mainly on LJ. What to dooooo. So I'm doing this: I'm making two posts, one on LJ and one on Dreamwidth. This is the gen party. The DW one is going to be "anything goes" - any pairing (including gen too), any rating. I think my DW reading list leans a lot more heavily in the non-gen direction than the LJ one, so it should work out fine. You are perfectly welcome to participate in both places; if you don't have a DW account, I have invite codes and will hand them out happily, and you can also use your LJ username to log in via Open ID. (I'll link to that other post as soon as I make it.) The DW "anything goes" party is here!

How to play: Post prompts! Answer other prompts!

Your prompt should be a character(s) (including "any") and any kind of prompt: a situation, song lyric, word, picture, sketch, etc. You don't have to answer prompts to leave them, but please leave one prompt per comment; responses to a prompt should be done by replying to the comment.

I want non-writers to be able to play too, so it's fine to answer a prompt with fanart (or a vid, cross-stitch, whatever) rather than a commentfic. You can also post a conversation starter instead (Top five favorite episodes? What does John's black wristband mean?) or a picspam, although to keep the comments from getting bogged down, if you're going to post more than one picture per comment, please post it at your journal and link to it! Also, if your fic gets long, it's fine to post it at your journal and link (though you don't have to).

Any Gateverse prompt is welcome, though since it's mostly SGA people around here, those are probably the ones with the greatest chance of being answered! Please don't attack characters or ships in discussions - tell us how much you love X, not why Y is teh suck. Questions are also welcome if you're totally confused, which is a definite possibility.

Commentfic! Art! Discussion! PARTY!

.... aaaand GO!