May 3rd, 2010


Book rant ahoy!

Awww, you know you missed these ... :D

So the book in question is "Pigs Don't Fly" by Mary Brown. It looked like a fun, lighthearted fantasy, and mostly, it was. I had plausibility issues with a lot of it -- I think the book's attempt to combine serious themes with a plot made up mostly of jokes and random encounters didn't work very well. But there's a huge thread of DO NOT WANT running through it, which has to do with the heroine's weight issues.

One of the things that made me pick up the book was that it was noted in the cover copy or Amazon description or somewhere that the heroine is overweight, which is vanishingly rare in fantasy. I wasn't expecting the book to handle it in a stellar fashion, but really don't think it would be possible for the author to be more blindingly awful about it than she was ...

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