May 2nd, 2010

Atlantis city

OMG, this looks cool!

This looks like a lot of fun: SGA Reverse Mini Bang! Unfortunately the schedule sucks for me -- I'm going to be gone for a lot of June and early July. I'm trying to figure out if I'm confident enough to go ahead and sign up as an author anyway (... I can do 5000 words in a week, right?), or sign up as an artist (the schedule is much better for me), or just wave a little flag from the sidelines.

ETA: Since the question came up in the comments - this one is on Dreamwidth, and if you need an invite code I have some extra ones, or you can check here:
SGA-Jeannie Rodney Last Man

More SGA-fandom stuff

stargateficrec is extremely light on reccers - anybody want to sign up to rec? You might get held over for June depending on whether they do another sweep through the categories, but they could definitely use more people. I wasn't going to rec anything this month, but I went ahead and signed up for Rodney ... don't know if I'll get it this month or next.

Anyone want to rec the John and Rodney friendship category? :D? :D? How about Hurt/Comfort? And most of the character categories are still available too ...