April 19th, 2010

Winter Sunlight

That Vancouver con *where I was not*

There's a lovely, detailed writeup of JF and DH's panel at VanCon, with pictures and lots of text, at crysothemis's LJ:

And winter_elf has a bunch of adorable pictures too, in several posts (probably best to just click over and see what she's got).

kristen999 has roundup posts here and here.

Anyone seen a good write-up for Rachel's talk? I've only seen a couple pictures of her floating around from the con (like all the rest of them, though, she looks relaxed and happy). (ETA2: Found one! No pictures, alas ...)

I'm kind of alternating between total squee at the pictures, and feeling grouchy and sad about not going. On the other hand, it was a gorgeous warm weekend and I got a ton of writing done (finished my Genficathon fic; worked on some original stuff that I'm really happy with). And my amaryllis is blooming. :) So not a total waste of a weekend at all.

ETA: Also, I'm still working on my website, so don't be alarmed if things mysteriously vanish because, say, some idiot deleted half the files. *kicks self*