March 22nd, 2010

Atlantis city

Too many WIPs ...

Conveniently, it looks like this week is WIP Amnesty at wip_amnesty, where WIPs can be released into the wild. It's an excellent time to sweep my WIP folder clean, like I was talking about doing a week or so ago, and making a fresh start. *sweeps* *sweeps* *sweeps*

I still have two WIPs in the folder (the Finders AU, and my genficathon story start, though I might just toss that one and start over). And there's my sticksandsnark story, which is done but needs to be spiffed.

In the process of moving fics, I found one I'd forgotten about -- a short Teyla-contemplates-having-an-abortion story from season four. I hate to toss it out because it's technically a complete story, but it really needs a heavy rewrite because of the controversial subject matter, and I'm not sure if it'll ever reach a shape where I feel comfortable posting it. So I've tucked it into the dead WIPs folder for now.

My active working folder hasn't looked this spiffy since I first got started in the fandom! 68 abandoned WIPs have now been tucked away; most never made it past the rough-idea-and-first-couple-of-paragraphs stage; others I may someday return to, but if they're put away, they can't nag for my attention anymore.

SO CLEAN! SO SHINY! *bounces*
Winter Sunlight

NCIS/SGA crossover - WIP notes

One thing that wip_amnesty encourages people to do is to post the bits of the WIP that they have, and let it go. Mine either seem to fall into the category of having so little written that it's not worth doing that, or so much that I hate to abandon them completely, but I think that my NCIS/SGA crossover probably needs to be dusted off and sent packing. This story is kind of unique in that I had the plot pretty well mapped out, but never could get it to work -- it was a combination of not being able to get the NCIS characters' voices right, and floundering in a giant slog of canon research and incompatibility. I never could figure out which season of NCIS to put this in (I started writing it in season one, and just kind of tried to retrofit it to the various cast changes since then), and since it takes place on Earth and involves Goa'uld rather heavily, it required me to know a great deal more about SG1 canon than I actually know. I think the combination of struggling with the characters and facing large amounts of research made me throw up my hands in despair. I think I can now say with 100% certainty that I'm not going to be finishing this one.

So here are the snippets and plot outline for my one and only NCIS/SGA fic - a.k.a. the one in which Abby has the ATA gene, Rodney dies - sort of, and Gibbs gets to ride in a spaceship (and is exactly as happy about that as one might think).

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Winter Sunlight

My VanCon ticket is now on Ebay

See the listing in all its glory here. You can "buy it now" for the price I originally paid, or bidding starts at $400. *nudge nudge nudge* (I've never sold anything on ebay before. Exciting!)

I'm still kind of heartsick about this, but I just can't -- it's been a hell of a couple of months (everything from family meltdowns to a death in the family, plus a big freelance thing falling through), and the set tours being cancelled and just -- augh, I really need to sell it. So if you know anyone who might like it, please pass the word. :)